French artist Alain Godon was born on November 1st, 1964 in Bourges, France. In 1985 he chose to move to Paris and shortly after to Brighton, England, where he took his first steps as a pavement graffiti artist. In 1988, Alain Godon entered a major period that can be referred to as his “Imaginary Realism” Art. Alain Godon’s masterful utilization of bold colors, black outlines, and distorted architectural shapes creates a simultaneously vibrant and profound piece that leads the viewer into an imaginary world of his own. His choice of subject matter, familiar monuments and landmarks of major metropolitan cities creates a sense of comfort and awareness while shedding new light on their features. Intricate details join together for a dynamic and harmonious composition. Alain Godon’s innovativeness and creativity is also evident in his choice of media. In addition to oil paintings, Alain Godon specializes in sculptures. Each bronze sculpture Alain Godon creates is made in the finest foundry, with a realistic patina, and using the latest techniques to give each one a new edge.

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