Capucine Safir is a self-taught, Miami-based French sculptor. After many years working in the movie industry, she graduated in interior design in Sydney, Australia where she lived for a few years. In 2009, Capucine’s life took a new turn when her second son was born disabled then she had to stop working for four years. In 2013, as she moved to Miami, she decided to pursue her love of art and started working full time as a sculptor.

She enjoys every aspect of this art from the physical implication to, the sound of the tools, the dust etc. But, most of all, it is the appearance of the form emerging from the block that makes direct  carving so special.  She soon found her own style through soft organic shapes. Pure, sensual, and unique are some of the adjectives which best define her sculptures.

Her work is very instinctive whether she creates animals or abstract sculptures. The worlds of sculpture (Brancusi, Arp, Ponpom), design (Ron Arad, Mark Newson) as well as painting (Soulages, Rothko..) or nature itself also make up her varied artistic influences. She carves in stone and plaster with hand tools only and also works with mixed media.

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