Raised in Tehran, I grew up in the heart of a city surrounded by rich history that inspired legends like Van Gogh. These deep colors of nature are instilled in my character and they shine through my creations.

After studying at Les Beaux Art in Avignon, I’ve worked all around the world in Djibouti, Mexico, Mali, Zanzibar, Sri Lanka and Ethiopia. These priceless, enriching experiences opened in my eyes to the authentic realities of the world, and have allowed me to touch the hearts of people from all walks of life. I believe in culture, and I work hard to make sure that is reflected in my work.

My raw passion for art has resulted in many years of extensive education and pictorial research, in order to craft a unique style that celebrates the master calligraphers of China. I exclusively use Chinese brushes and black oil to paint my canvasses to show my appreciation for their wonderful artistic force.After living in Paris, where I studied the history of painting and of all of its masters, I now live in the United States. I chose Miami for its brightness and their commitment to art development, which brings even more color to my life!


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