Ever since I studied law at the University of Paris, I have been fascinated by the absolute power of financial and geopolitical regulations.Over the years, I created series of paintings and videos on the subject of the dehumanizing tendencies of global regulations. The ensuing disconnect between norms and reality drove me to question why we are so compliant to follow the rules in disregard to our own survival. Laws of nature are replicated by organized entities without compromise. Nature is replaced by structured societies taking over the individual. These societies are self-expanding and ignore our personal well being. A white rabbit and other animal figures appear repeatedly in much of my artwork to link the remaining piece of nature to mankind. The white rabbit’s terrifying persona symbolizes globalization at all levels. My work is a symbolization of a system and does not propound to be a narrative or to emphasize the complexity of our structured societies. This project is not a vision that sees conspiracies. It just depicts a system we have created over centuries. It suggests a projection to the future, where a de-humanized mankind is regulated by a multitude of artificial and more than ever complex laws, distancing us from our natural consciousness.

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