Flore Sigrist must be considered as one of the most talented young artists of her generation. She possesses the innate talent of the gifted children: understanding of the volumes, light and obscurity, the golden ratio, the sublimated material.Her character is so much asserted that her works are immediately recognizable in spite of such a huge variety in inventiveness.

Flore Sigrist is a French-Swiss painter, born in Strasbourg, France on April 7th 1985. In 1993, at only 8 years old, she immediately adopted the gestural styles in the like of Jackson Pollock, Franz Kline or Willem de Kooning. Like all gestural painting, Flores’s paintings are a body in movement, as she explores the depths of inner space, to free the luminous, pigmentary energy on her acrylics. Her work is witness to an existential conflict. In her recent works, Flore regards the mirror as a way of studying the reflection of light and as the mediator of an inner questioning linked to self-knowledge. Flore Sigrist was nominated by Forbes magazine in the list “30 under 30” in art and style in 2014, and has gained global notoriety.

Flore Sigrist has been exhibited widely all over the world in numerous art galleries and art fairs. Recent institutional, galleries and art fair exhibits include notably: Galerie des Tuiliers (Lyon 2014 and Brussels 2015),Galerie Proarta (Zurich, 2007, 2012), Moscow world fine art fair with S&L Galerie (Strasbourg, 2007), Wall-painting in the Council of Europe, (Strasbourg,2006), movie feature “Flore Sigrist, who are you?” (Cannes Festival, 2006), Château of Lichtenberg (2006), Apollonia (2006), Galerie Artemundi, Art Palm Beach and Art Miami (2002 and 2003), Gallery One (Tokyo,2001), Talisman Gallery (England,2000), French Embassy (Tokyo,1998), Art Cologne (1996), exhibit together with Frank Stella (Lorraine Peltz, ST’ART 1997), exhibit together with Otto Dix and Jean Hélion, at Sotheby’s Monaco, 1995.

A retrospective monography(245 pages) entitled“Flore Sigrist 1993-2005” was published in November 2005 written by art critics Alain Renner, VP Sotheby’s France, Gerard Cahn, Director of the Museum Fernet Branca in St Louis, Gérald Gassiot Talabot, and Pascal Neveux.

In November 2001, Flore Sigrist already made art market news with two auction records in Paris, that made her the highest-priced female artist under 40 on the French auction market, when Artcurial sold two of her paintings, an Untitled abstraction dated 2010 for EUR 44,000 and a“Dyptique” who was acquired for EUR 72,000. An Untitled work by Sigrist dated 2001 sold for $96,250 (Sotheby’s, NYC, Dec 2013) whereas the record for Sigrist’s work at auction was set at $134,500 for “Sur le trampoline ça décoiffe” at Sotheby’s New York in 2013.

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