Born in 1961 in Algeria, self-taught painter, Marie Pierre, was brought to France following the Algerian Independence. Shortly after, her family decided to depart for the French Guyana, Cayenne, where she was then raised. Upon her return back to France as a young adult, she raised a family of four girls and relocated to Brussels and Miami in the span of these last ten years.”


Today, her artwork is characterized by a mixture of both “drawing and sculpture”: “Since my arrival in Miami I have been very moved by contemporary art. I had the pleasure of being exposed to new creations and highly admired artists that created artwork based on solid materials such as vinyl’s, plastic, buttons and others. It got me thinking outside the box. In fact, I have always been inspired by Espresso pods and have been looking for ways to incorporate them into my creations. It quickly came to me how amazing it would be to choose influential people that still live on today in our minds and represent them through the use of these pods. My art work is based on playing with colors and contrast with Espresso pods in order to create a new version of timeless pictures and it is a great ecological way of recycling them too! “

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