For 5 years, the work of the French artist Pascal Blondeau established in New York, has been devoted to Identity and the different conditions that come with him.

The Double “I” who exists in all of us is fascinating him more and more, looking for an aesthetic and a beauty beyond perfection which makes losing the human being in a quest for an Absolute that he may reach ever; loneliness not assumed that weakens and isolates against a world rich but violent, seeking through A Peace and Happiness, means too chaotic, leading to a form of madness … as well as that aspect “Ugly-Beautiful’’ appearance, Soft-Hard Angel-Demon, Hot-Cold.

For him, the human being is a beautiful monster invader, seducer, devastating, love and hate at once; his work is inspired on these scary aspects which are such passionate subjects.

He takes a lot of photo-portraits of real people and portraits display mannequins, and mixes thoroughly to obtain a mixture of true-false human being.

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