Olivier always liked beautiful & original craftsmanship. Born & raised in France & Indochine, having traveled the world and now based in the U.S., Olivier has long collected distinctive cufflinks but always felt that whimsical and distinctive fine craft was quite sparse, especially when it comes to tasteful Jewelry for men.

So , one day, Olivier decided to put his little hands to work with his own creativity & vision and started taking Jewelry classes with a respected Argentinian Master Jeweler based in Florida. Started as a hobby a few years ago, it has grown into a real passion that Olivier loves sharing with a wider club of friends and connoisseurs.

Olivier works with silver, gold and other metals as well as precious and semi-precious gems but always incorporates mix media and unexpected organic materials from Nature such as shells, corral, wood, glass etc… Olivier’s creations generally stem from symbolic references to popular culture, a lifestyle or an homage to icons and the name of each piece each translates the whimsy that he always injects into his work. His body of work is divided in 4 main Collections: Nature (mainly based upon organic, natural elements) Chiccissimes (more Couture, transcontinental creations), Tribes (dedicated to celebration of a club, group or identity) and Cookie jar (more accessible, everyday indulgences…).

This Artisan takes prides himself in not only designing but also hand-made one-of-a-kind, statement Jewelry that reflect an individual’s deep character & lifestyle and that is clearly not for the faint or wallflowers…

No wonder that Olivier’s motto for his Jewelry is “Vive La Difference, one carat at a time !”

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