May 18 & 19, 2016
Embassy of France

Exceptional Exhibit of French contemporary artists 




A curated Selling Exhibit of French Contemporary 
Artists Presented by France Pavilion.

France Pavilion presented its third edition at the Embassy of France in Washington, DC
This exceptional art exhibit, curated by international art expert Sébastien Laboureau*,
presented a selection of talented French Contemporary
artists spanning all media forms.


France Pavilion held its third edition at the Embassy of France in Washington DC, on May 18&19 of 2016, during the first edition of the French American Business Week.

A roster of more than 1,000 VIP guests and attendees, both from the business and the political worlds, had the opportunity to enjoy our unique exhibition entitled “DOUBLE IDENTITY” especially prepared for this extra-ordinary occasion. France Pavilion show-cased the works of world-acclaimed Richard Orlinski, and Maurice Renoma together with artists such as LE CLOSIER, ERICK ARTICK, RAPHAELLE RICOL, PASCAL BLONDEAU, VERONIQUE BARRILLOT, and NADINE DEBIEN.

Sebastien Laboureau, curator of France Pavilion, gave several interviews including to AFP, and France Today, and gave a talk about the art market to a very selected audience of VIPs.

Among dignitaries, Assistant Secretary of State, Ambassador Rivkin, had the opportunity to enjoy a private tour of the exhibition. Justice Breyer, one of only eight Supreme Court Justice, received a special portrait, commissioned to French artist LE CLOSIER. France Pavilion was also honored to receive the visit of Arne Sorenson, President and CEO of Marriott International.

Our French Ambassador, His Honorable Gerard Araud, organized a VIP reception at his residence to celebrate the success of the French American Business Week and France Pavilion and shoed his support to France Pavilion for its next edition.

France Pavilion will hold its fourth edition, in Houston, from September 26 to October 2, 2016, under the high patronage, of our French General Consul in Houston, His Honorable Sujiro Seam, in partnership with UNIX FINE ART.


DOUBLE IDENTITY is not the title of the latest JAMES BOND movie. It is the theme of the new curated exhibit presented by France Pavilion during the French-American Business week in Washington DC at the French Embassy.

DOUBLE IDENTITY is showing the multi-faceted complexities of human beings through various artistic representations. How can an artist best represent this inner diversity? It is not so much about the artwork itself, but rather about what it can provoke within our souls and hearts…

France Pavilion presents a selection of spectacular sculptures by Richard Orlinski, one of the leading French contemporary artists. This selection, from his Born Wild series, is presented for the first time in Washington DC Transforming animal instincts into positive emotions, is Orlinski showing animals defending their own territories, or simply our own animal instincts? Orlinski’s iconic Gorilla creates a dialog with the humoristic detoured portraits of animals wearing suits created by world-renowned French Fashion Icon Maurice Renoma. He may be implying that our ancestors might have been gorillas indeed, without fancy suits…

As for world-acclaimed photographer Pascal Blondeau, through his photographs, offers an elegant and aesthetic illustration of our “double-identity”, reflecting upon the complex multi-faceted personalities of each human being… Are we observing a real human being or a display mannequin as the mask of perfection we all aspire to? Le Closier, known for his portraits of Tennis and other celebrities, is more literal in his portraits, celebrating the very unique Franco-American friendship through various historical icons. To celebrate this French-American Business Week, he has created a personalized portrait of Supreme Court Justice Breyer.

takes the form of a visual illusion with Véronique Barrillot who honors past and present US Presidents using her innovative optical effect on canvas, showing troubling double images within the same artwork. As for Raphaëlle Ricol, one of François Pinault’s favorite contemporary French artists, she, like no other, illustrates our “inner shout”. She shows the soul that inhabits our bodies through very impactful visuals spread on canvas, a subject tackled by Nadine Debien with her joyful Humanoids Series, humoristic, life-sized and powerful sculptures filled with colors. Humor is also a characteristic of the works of Erick Artik, who interprets our Pop idols, Marilyn and Madonna, with a magazine cover displayed on the body of a general… Is it the impact of Western Idols on our diplomatic and military worlds, or a representation of our multi-faceted personalities?
*Sebastien Laboureau, whose expertise in Street Art is unique, was most recently featured in USA Today for his selection of the “10 Best: Cities to see
Street Art”.